Works Miss O'Range

Miss Dora O'Range is Swedish, a resident of the Hammarbijshostad luxurious district in Stockholm, the greenest neighborhood in the world. Miss O'Range swings her hips, perched on her high heels, with a childlike dyed and highlighted red-head. She goes on holidays in Morocco, in Dubai, in Iceland ... always with her inseparable beach crocodiles and her orange juice. Golf fan, she loves five-star hotels with infinity pools, with a green card to play internationally, eternal debutante, as her golf-instructor says. The play " Les oranges au goudron amer " is a page of life, plastic materials, black sticky or sweet materials and paint come to transform plastic objects with violence. It is a physical and material oscillation between sweetness and violence. It suggests ecology, consumerism, water issues related to tourism, climate change. Why orange ? the most popular fruit in the XXI century.