Works Miss Rose

Rose is belgian-spanish, she walks Poster, the picture of her dog. Always looking for a family, she celebrates the four years of the picture of her dog and christmas in summer time. Sometimes she gets lost in her loneliness and plants a hundred lettuces on the asphalt. Rose is the fragility, softness of the skin, tenderness. She is a rose without thorns. Since 1997, for the opening of the play " Walking Poster " Rose writes on the ground the same sentence : " Clive Walker (18 years) soldier of the Royal Green Jackets Regiment was attacked by eleven of his comrades who rubbed him with a brush to make him clean and white, he was abandoned skinned alive ». Le Nouvel Observateur.

Her last journey was " A l'est vers Brest ", crossing the Baltic to Poland from Stockholm with the photographer Raphaël Helle and the writer Rémi Checchetto.