Works Miss Kristin

Kristin is Danish, brought up with industrial milk, cheese without flies, she comes from Helsinborg neighborhoods. She wears the colors of her country : white and red. She is captain of a cheerleading group " Dance Twirling B√Ętons ". The play " Kristin from here and not from here " is full of humor, self-regard, on her difficulty in living without money, her old car always breaking down. Kristin is blonde for ever, she's a fan of barbies and Sveltesse yoghurts. She dresses at Jennyfer's. Her whole body droops, tired by life, but Kristin is smiles and cheerfulness. Kristin is a questioning about identity, her identity, on the issue of national identity and on food as an identity. Kristin went to China to look for work (Chinagora fiction), to the USA in the first Obama campaign in 2008 to look for hope. Hope.