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Je suis une artiste pluridisciplinaire.
Ouverte à tous, sans frontières.
Les musées, les théâtres, les festivals de danse, de performance, les villes, m’accueillent pour révéler l’humain, la vie et présenter une œuvre originale à travers des performances, des pièces, des expositions ou pour participer à l’écriture de nouvelles pages de vie de mes princesses.

Vous pouvez me soumettre vos souhaits et je vous répondrai par une proposition adaptée à votre structure.

I am a multidisciplinary artist.
Open to all, without borders.
Museums, theaters, dance, performance festivals, cities, welcomed me to reveal the human, life and présent an original work through performances, plays, exhibitions or to participate in writing new pages of my princesses life.

You can submit your wishes and I will answer you with a special proposal for your structure.

Phone number « France »
Caroline Amoros – Princesses Peluches :

00 33 (0)6 58 13 61 26

Indicative rates
Tarifs indicatifs

2020 / 2021

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Pièces de Caroline Amoros • Performances de Caroline Amoros • Performances photographiques de Caroline Amoros et Raphaël Helle • Expositions photographiques de Raphaël Helle accompagnées par les performances de Caroline Amoros.


P.P.P. ?

Les 3 P

  • Pièces urbaines / Urban Plays
  • Performances
  • Performances photographiques / Photographic performances with Raphaël Helle

Is it simple ?

Very simple, we are experienced in creating for all sort of structures and understanding our clients needs.

How to choose a Miss ?

I chose which Miss is the most adequated after having spoken with you.

How long do you perform ?

From one day up to one week.  It depends on the impact we want. It is always nice if we can combine a play with an exhibition. But we can also work nicely on short term.

How to buy an exhibition ?

Exhibitions must be open to a wide public and we can propose a small or a big work. For big exhibitions we can work with Signatures agency in Paris.

How do we work ?

We prefer to keep it simple and easy. We rapidly propose our price including food, housing and technical cost.

You are a dance / performance festival ?

This is an ideal context. We can assist in the organisation of outdoor events.

You are a theater ?

I will propose you a written play for the public space, adapted for your public. Two plays are primed SACD. It takes a few days to prepare. Like on stage, we have to know were we stand.

You want a long term project in your city ?

We need to meet, which will cost you a plane or a train ticket plus housing for two days, after which I write the project.

You are a town hall ?

We will propose you shorter events, more suitable for family public and a family exhibition.

You are a festival ?

I like to come a few days before, to be present beforehand in the city. My performances are light, it helps if we have young artists.

You want to organize a workshop for art students or dancers ?

It’s simple, with myself and an assistant.

How to buy an original photograph ?

It is simple : Let us know and we’ll send it by post.

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